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From the HASSAN FATHY brand legend
In the 20th century, an unknown Egyptian architect stood out from the surrounding of western architectural theory system, which was popular and arrogant at that time, finding the amazing value of historic sites. By waving history to build new buildings, he presented a new building system to the world. His name is Hassan Fathy.

Hassan was committed to build housing for the poor in developing countries. One of his biggest discovery was to replace cement with plaster in adobe buildings. he also used the ventilation effect of traditional architecture and innovated.

It is the other starting points of Hassan’s design research that architect must be responsible for the environment. Because of his humanistic thought and contribution to the poor housing problems, Hassan was awarded the gold medal by the international association of architects in 1983, and praised as "the star of the third world".

HASSAN, the birth of this brand was originated in the great architect of Egypt. We firmly believe that even small household electrical appliances such as vacuum cleaners, its research and development design should also be regarded as to build a large building houses. In the continuous development of home appliance application field, manufactures also need to think and redefine the future of human life and development. Only to seek breakthrough, inherit and develop better, our technology can go further.